Modern Cloud LaTeX Environment

sTeX is a cloud environment to write, compile, share, and tokenize LaTeX documents

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Modern + Fast + Friendly.

Use LaTeX as you use Google Docs, meet our efficient cloud LaTeX editor that interfaces with Web3.

Compile LaTeX as you type it.

Compile LaTeX code as you write it on the editor for an efficient and smooth experience.

Manage documents like on Google Docs.

Our Google Docs alike user interface makes it easy and clean for you to manage your documents.

LaTeX faster than ever

The cloud environment is built on top of an optimized and scalable serverless instance. Enjoy writing your documents while we care about speed, security, and optimization.

At the intersection with Web3.

Our Stellar based marketplace is under active development: trade documents, on/off-ramp them from Stellar and manage on-chain documents with multiple owners.

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Stellar Documents Marketplace.

sTeX natively interfaces with a Stellar based tokenized documents marketplace built by us. Enjoy the speed and versatility of the Stellar network from your editor.

Buy and Sell tokenized documents

Tokenize, sell and buy documents on the marketplace directly from the editor. With minimal effort you'll be able to mint your first on-chain document.

Contract management toolkit

Issue contracts to interested parties, have it live on-chain on the Stellar network and modify it only when consensus is reached via multisig. For instance, you can issue an agreement contract you wrote to other two interested parties and set that the super-majority(2/3) consensus must be reached to edit the contract.

Pay-per-view documents

Tokenize your documents and sell them behind a paywall on a secondary marketplace. This works by encrypting the tokenized document, and decrypting it for paying users. Receive the payments directly with a stellar transaction. You can also later on sell the ownership of this pay-per-view documents from the marketplace, and the buyer will start receiving the payments from the users, leaving the door open for interesting investing opportunities.

Our market is non-custodial

When interacting within the market, you own the minted documents, and your funds on the network. To do this you'll need a stellar account and connect it to a trusted wallet, but don't worry, we'll guide you through the entire process.

Designed for a broad audience

Our plans fit for every kind of LaTeX users, we are also open for custom plans based on your needs, just get in touch with us!


Best option if LaTeX isn't in your daily routine.

  • Up to 10 documents
  • 1 shared document
  • Most editor features
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Built for everyday LaTeX-loving individuals.

  • 7 days free trial
  • Unlimited documents
  • Unlimited shared documents
  • Unlimited templates
  • All editor features
  • Stellar marketplace access & sponsored stellar wallet
  • Portfolio landing page
  • Many other features we are working on
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Designed for schools and businesses that use LaTeX in their everyday workflow.

  • Everything in passionate plan
  • Up to 20 users.
  • Organization Stellar wallet.
  • Up to 20 sponsored Stellar wallets.
  • Many other features we are working on.
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